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Abstract Art Activities for Kids

Abstract Art Activities for Kids

Hola Amigos,
As a parent, I am always on the lookout for different painting activities for K which should not  require too much preparation and should be cost effective as well,as kids gets bored doing the same things again and again. So, while browsing I found these easy and simple abstract painting activities which are a sure shot winner with kids. These activities were unique and new for K and she thoroughly enjoyed doing it. In fact even I had a great time doing it with her.
1.       Marble Painting

Materials Required
Marbles ( I did not have marbles with me so I used the snooker balls from one of K's games)
Tempera Paints
Egg carton to hold the paints ( You can skip this and directly put the marbles in the tempera paints as well like I did)
Card stock paper
Cardboard box

Step by step procedure in pictures

2.       Marbling with Shaving Cream

Materials Required
Shaving Foam
Liquid watercolour paints
Stir stick/Toothpick
Card stock paper
Scrapper(a piece of cardboard)

Step by step procedure in pictures

3.       Oil pastel painting

Materials Required
Card stock paper
Oil pastels
Oil(I have used coconut oil)
Q tips

Step by step procedure in pictures

4.       Salt Painting

Materials Required
Card stock paper
Salt( I have used white rangoli here)
Liquid watercolours
Paint brushes

Step by step procedure in pictures

That's It!!!

Do let me know how you found these activities.

I shall love to hear back from you!!!

Au Revoir


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