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Farm & Pet Animals themed activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Farm & Pet Animals themed activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Every month there is a new theme in K's school. This month's theme is Farm and Pet animals. Hence we did few activities around this theme.
To begin with we first learnt about farm and pet animals and what are the different farm and pet animals. Then we read these books on animals.

After reading these books K was very excited to start with the activities, so here they are.
1.Sensory Play
A simple activity where she had to take out each animal from the sensory bin and place it in the correct basket - Farm/Non Farm.

2.Beginning Sounds Identification
Match the animal with the correct beginning sound.

Eco Friendly Ganpati making tutorial using Play dough/Earthen clay

Eco Friendly Ganpati making tutorial using Play dough/Earthen clay 

Hello Guys!!!

This year I have tried my hands at making Ganpati using play dough and shadumati(earthen clay). Play dough ganpati is a joint effort of K and me while shadumati ganpati is solely made by me as K was already happy making ganpati with play dough.

The below tutorial mentions ganpati making using play dough. I have used the same process to make Shadumati ganpati as well.

Step by step process in the pics.