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India themed activities for Independence Day

India themed activities for Independence Day

Independence Day is just a day away and since K is 4 years old now and enjoy doing different activities I prepare for her, hence this time we managed to do few hands on and simple activities for the same.

Before I could actually start the activities with K, she started singing the national anthem. I was both  surprised(not because she knows the national anthem ) and happy to listen to her because if not fully she at least knows the context behind singing the national anthem.

We then started by reading a simple Independence Day story. This is a nice story put together by a fellow mom and she was generous to share it with all of us. I shall put the link for the same below.

Then we found out where is India on the globe. We do not have a globe right now hence this printable helped us in locating India. We also studied India land form. All the printable from here on are again shared by a beautiful and generous mom. I shall put the link for all the printable below.

Next we learnt about the national flag and the significance of its colors.

Then, we did a simple pasting activity where K had to paste the Indian flags on India outline.

We studied few national attributes associated with India and did a simple hands on matching activity with the same. In the pictures below, we did not have ambassador and auto hence I kept two other toys for K to match.

We also studied the national animals of few states and again matched them with the figurines we had.

I have this foam puzzle of India, hence to further enhance our learning, we put the correct foam piece of each state on the printable to give a more hands on experience to K.

Then K wanted to solve the foam puzzle of India with my help off course.

India is famous for its spices, hence we studied that too. Though K was not able to recollect the names of most spices but she enjoyed matching the pictures with the actual one. It was a good hands on and sensorial activity for her.

We all know that there were many freedom fighters who fought for our Independence but so that K shouldn't get confused, I just included few. Instead of making two copies of the printable and asking her to match the pictures, I bought freedom fighters sheet from a local stationery shop and asked K to match the printable sheet with the chart sheet pictures.

Next we did two simple activities on Indian currencies. I got a currency sheet from a local stationery shop and I had fake currency notes with me. The activity was to match the fake notes with the notes in the sheet. It was a simple activity but I was happy as K was able to recognize the number on the notes and match them correctly.

Another one was coin sorting for which I took an old chocolate box which had compartments and asked K to sort and put the coins in each compartment.

For some visual discrimination, we did elephant design matching activity. K thoroughly enjoyed doing it as she loves matching activities.

As a fine & gross motor activity, we made flags with dough.

After doing all these activities, in the evening suddenly K was doing something in her book and to my surprise she was drawing the Indian flag. This really made my day and I felt very happy.

Hope you liked these activities I did with K. Do share your comments and feedback.

Happy Independence Day everyone!!!

P.S. Here is the link for the story and here is the link for the printables. To make the printables sturdy, I have laminated them at home without using a laminating machine.

Disclaimer : As I have informed earlier, I do not own rights for any of these printables.


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