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Alphabet recognition & sequencing activities for toddler and preschoolers

Simple activities on alphabet recognition & sequencing for toddler and preschoolers

While revising alphabets I realised that K was finding it difficult to revise alphabets as per their sequence. Hence decided to quickly plan few activities for her around it.
1    Upper case to lower case matching

A simple activity where I wrote some random upper case letters on white paper and pasted it on the cupboard. For matching, I wrote their lower case counterpart on post its and K had to match them. Looks a very simple activity but I can tell you K had lots of fun removing the post its and sticking it near the correct letter.
Alphabet sequencing on clothes line

For sequencing, I made chits for each alphabet which mentions both upper and lower case alphabets. K had to clip them as per the correct sequence on the clothes line. I tied a thick needle between two chairs which made it look like a clothes line. Again here, the activity was looking simple but when K started doing it I realised it w…

India themed activities for Independence Day

India themed activities for Independence Day

Independence Day is just a day away and since K is 4 years old now and enjoy doing different activities I prepare for her, hence this time we managed to do few hands on and simple activities for the same.
Before I could actually start the activities with K, she started singing the national anthem. I was bothsurprised(not because she knows the national anthem ) and happy to listen to her because if not fully she at least knows the context behind singing the national anthem.
We then started by reading a simple Independence Day story. This is a nice story put together by a fellow mom and she was generous to share it with all of us. I shall put the link for the same below.

Then we found out where is India on the globe. We do not have a globe right now hence this printable helped us in locating India. We also studied India land form. All the printable from here on are again shared by a beautiful and generous mom. I shall put the link for all t…