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Rain Themed Activities

Rain Themed Activities 

Rainy Season is going on which means our kids need to be indoors for long. To make the time at home interesting we did some fun and easy activities on Rain theme.

Activity 1 - Making clouds with cotton

Draw clouds on a blue chart paper and let your child paste cotton on it to make it look as clouds.

Activity 2 - Rain cloud craft

Again ask your child to paste cotton on an empty paper.Then with the help of a dropper your child will make the clouds rain.

Activity 3 - Simple cloud experiment

A very simple experiment to teach the concept of clouds and rains. You will need an empty glass jar, shaving foam and blue water with dropper.

Activity 4 - Identifying things we see on a rainy day

Ask your child to circle all the things associated with Rain.

Activity 5 - Counting activity by making rain drops

Making rain drops corresponding to the number mentioned on the cloud.

Activity 6 - Number matching

Circling the correct number associated with each picture

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