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Preschooler Activities on Letter and Number Recognition

Preschooler Activities on Letter and Number Recognition
As a mother it's my constant endeavor to keep my child busy with interesting and engaging activities which are easy and fun to do. These days we are in the process of learning alphabets and numbers, hence listing down few activities which I have recently done with my daughter.
Activity 1 -Letter Tracing with cotton swab

A very simple activity where you need to write letters on a paper and your child will trace the same with the help of a cotton swab.

Activity 2 - Number counting and matching with cloth pins
Draw a simple star or anything else from 1-10 and let your child count and put the right cloth pin with the right number on each block.

Activity 3 - Uppercase and Lowercase alphabets matching Take an old cardboard box and make 26 inserts on it for 26 letters. Now ask your child to match the lowercase letter on the box with the uppercase letter written on the ice cream stick.

Activity 4 - Number counting with pompoms/beads