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7 promises to myself this Valentine's

7 promises to myself this Valentine's

Hola Amigos!
February is called the month of love as Valentine's Day falls this month. Over the years, this particular day has gained immense attraction as on this day lots of people exchange cards, gifts, flowers, chocolates etc with their special ones to express their love and feelings for them.

I have also done my share of the above things to express my feelings to my husband. But this year, I want to do something different by expressing my love towards him not by giving any gifts or tangible thing but promising certain things to myself which will indirectly strengthen our bond and love for each other.

We are 2 months married here

  1. Expressing my LOVE everyday
So, both me and my hubby are not very vocal when it comes to expressing our love to each other. After becoming parents, our centre of attraction has always been our daughter which happens with everyone. So, I have decided that I will start expressing my love to my husband every day.

  1. Not complaining for every small thing
Yes, over the years I have realized that I have become a mini complaint box to my husband. Be it complaining for things like not taking us for a holiday for the last 2 years or for trivial things like geyser not working properly. Bottom line - Stop complaining and start appreciating(contd in point 3)

  1. Appreciating more often
Continuing from point 2, what was happening was, I was unable to see the things which he did right as they were being over shadowed by the things which he didn't do. So, appreciating more often for things which deserves due credit will help us both to work in tandem and in turn reduce complaints.

  1. Plan "US" time
OK, so this is "US" as in we both and not "US - United States"
This is the most important point of all and I am sure most of you will agree!! After my daughter there was no time together which lead to a lot of problems as we forgot that we are individuals first then parents.  So, planning "US" time together is very important as it will ensure we still feel good about ourselves and it will also help to strengthen our bond.

  1. Talking about positives more and shredding the negatives
There were few days where I was mainly talking about negatives more and more which was indirectly having an effect on my daughter as well as nothing seemed right at all. But this doesn't  mean there is no positive at all. What was happening was my mind was only focusing on the smaller picture while ignoring the bigger picture completely. Once we figure this out then we start seeing positives and automatically the negatives reduces. So, only positives for me and a strict no to any negative thought.

  1. Stop over thinking about everything
Yes, I over think about everything most of the times which has also lead to small fights between the both of us. It has helped me sometimes but most of the times it has left me feeling miserable. So, need to stop over thinking and let things happen at their own pace.

  1. Smile/Laugh more often
It is such a simple thing to do but somewhere we have stopped smiling/laughing together. Most of the times it is talking about family, work , our daughter or our future. Obviously all these are serious topics and one cant laugh on them. So, once in a while we need to just talk casually or talk nonsense to keep our laughing glands alive.

This is 3 of us on our daughter's first birthday

So, these are the 7 promises to myself this Valentine. What are you doing this Valentine?
Would love to know your thoughts on the points I have mentioned above.

It's me signing off now
Au Revoir

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