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Dark Complexion - Not an ailment

Dark  Complexion - Not an ailment

A face which looks dark from outside, may be brightest from inside" - Pikky Speaks Unfortunately people are often judged by their outward appearance without even trying to know the real person who is definitely way above the color, shape, size etc.
Quite often than not, a women is judged by the color of her skin. It is very saddening to say that we still live in a society where the qualities and attribute a women possess is over shadowed by her complexion. In a country where 90% people are dark/dusky it is sad that they have grown up with such an inferiority complex about it.
They say beauty comes from inside, beyond your fair skin. Then why is it that a dark colored person is always under the radar? We say that our country is progressing, then why is it that there are still a number of advertisements of fairness creams?
Entertainment Industry as an example We all know that complexion is such a big thing in the showbiz and that is why a few prominent …