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Tips to enjoy your meal out with your toddler

Tips to enjoy your meal out with your toddler

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Eating out can be a whole new experience when we have a toddler.  One of the many challenges which a new parent face is how to eat out with your toddler and enjoy  at the same time. The simple thing one could do would be to avoid going out for sometime till you feel your toddler is ready. But if planned properly with the tips mentioned below, your meal time out with your toddler can be pleasurable.

Prefer a less noisy place

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Choosing the right place would solve more than half the problem. Prefer a place which is kid friendly and which doesn't play loud music. A nice trick would be to enter early when there are not many people in the restaurant.

Try and feed your toddler something at home before heading out

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We can't expect a toddler to control his hunger so it's always better to feed them something before heading out so that till the time the order comes they won't get cranky. Also, it's better to carry a snack as it can be handy if they are not eating the restaurant food.

Ensure your toddler had her nap

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A very important point if you plan to head out. Never skip the naptime as we don't want a toddler who is clingy or fussy because of lack of sleep.

Prepare a busy bag

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It's always better to carry few toys or games which your toddler likes as it can keep the toddler entertained while the food is coming or when you are eating or when they don't feel like doing anything else.

Try and choose a place which has a play area for kids

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Not all places will have a play area for kids, but a place having one will have an added advantage as it would keep the kids engrossed and they will also be happy.

Take turns to monitor

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It always works when either of the parent monitors the child while the other is eating or talking or doing something else as you cannot keep your child unattended anytime. So, taking turns really helps as it ensures that not one parent is burdened with the responsibility of supervision.

Choose a spot to sit which is in the corner as others don't get disturbed

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Now, we never know how a toddler will behave inspite of taking all the necessary precautions. Hence, it's better to choose a corner table as it would at least ensure that others don't get disturbed.

These were few tricks and tips which worked for us.
Not all days were happy, we had our days when the plan entirely failed but they were also days when we really enjoyed our outing at the restaurant.

So, eating out with your toddler can be fun too if planned properly. I really hope you find these tips useful. Do let me know any other tip which you have used which has worked really well for you so that I can include it in my list too..

Below is a fun fact of the time spent in restaurant with a toddler.

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