Thursday, 23 November 2017

DIY Sandpaper Letters

DIY Sandpaper Letters

An easy and cost effective way of making your own sandpaper letters at home.

Material required

1.Print out of both uppercase and lower case letters
3.Chart paper(optional)
4.Glue/Fevicol(whatever is convenient for you)
6.Paper cutter(to cut very small pieces which can't be done with a scissor)
7.Wooden/cardboard pieces(same size) 26 each for both Uppercase and Lower case letters.

Steps to be followed

1.Once the print out is taken, cut each letter.

2.Once you have cut all letters, stick them at the back side of the sandpaper sheet( A very important point to be noted here, stick the black side on the sandpaper).

If you notice, I have by mistake stuck M N O towards the wrong side. But it didn't make a difference for M and O as whichever side they look the same but for N I had to make a new one as it had to be pasted towards the opposite side.

3.Now cut the letters pasted on the sandpaper.

4.Now your sandpaper letters are ready.

5.Since, I had different color wooden pieces, I have pasted white chart paper on each of them for lower case letters and blue color chart paper for uppercase letters.

6.Step 5 is not required if you have same color wooden/cardboard pieces.

7.Now stick the sandpaper letters on the wooden piece.

8.Your sandpaper letters are ready!!!

The same process can be done for numbers and cursive writing letters as well.

For making both these sets, it hardly took me around Rs.50(this is excluding the wooden boards as I had that at home).

I thoroughly enjoyed making these for my daughter and I hope you enjoy making them for your kids as well.

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Thank You!

P.S Ignore the background of the pics as I was too engrossed in making these so couldn't click pictures with a proper background.