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Anniversary of Demonetisation : Views of a Commoner

Anniversary of Demonetisation : Views of a commoner

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Demonetisation - A term which I had read in  my college days but got to know it in real sense only last year when our esteemed PM announced the ban of  500 and 1000 banknotes.

What followed after was a series of panic among the common people and a huge cash crunch which made matters worse.
I was quite surprised when the announcement came as it came out of the blue, but wasn't really concerned so much about it as I normally do most of my transactions online. It was only few days later that I started facing problems which I didn't realize earlier.

1.First problem was giving the maid her salary as she wanted it in cash and she didn't have a bank account either. This meant standing in those serpentine queues of ATM and waiting for your turn which was painful(Yes those queues were real which we all have seen on the roads outside the banks and ATMs).
2.Second problem was exchanging the notes from the bank. Though we don't keep much cash with us but I remember just a few days before demonetization my husband got a payment in cash which had to be deposited. Again, there was a limit here where one could deposit cash each day. So, this again meant standing in long queues which also took more than 2-3 hours sometimes.
3.Third problem was getting hold of smaller denomination rupee notes. Majorly we were getting 2000 rupee notes from the banks as an exchange but this wasn't solving our purpose. Like, to purchase vegetables or to pay any small vendors we needed smaller denomination notes which was very difficult to get.
Ultimately the situation eased out when the limits were raised and there was cash flow in the system. But now a year after when I look back and think was it really worth it??
The only change which happened with me is - I started using mobile wallet to some extent which I wasn't doing earlier. 
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I would say all in all  it was a good move from the government which helped to digitize the Indian economy but the major issue of black money & corruption isn't fully solved yet. The government could have done a better job at it by proper planning and proactively thinking of the consequences which happened(people starving out of hunger and even dying while waiting for their turn).

What is your take on the same? How did you tackle demonetisation?  

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