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15 signs you are a first time mom!!

15 signs that shows you are a first time mom

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I still remember the day when I first came to know about my pregnancy. I was at my mom's place at that time and knew that my periods have delayed but instead of taking the normal pregnancy test at home, I decided to get a blood test done to know for certain whether I was pregnant. I was not able to believe that it was POSITIVE as the moment I was waiting for so eagerly had finally come!!!

Being a first time mom is exciting and thrilling but at the same time it can be a little scary too.
Now, started my roller coaster ride which I am sure every mom goes through in her first pregnancy. You start to learn everything about the baby growing inside you and about the beautiful miracle that pregnancy itself is.

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Now when I look back and remember my good old pregnancy days, I have a good laugh of all the good, bad, stupid and sometimes over cynical things I did back then. I am sure all moms would relate to it in some form or the other and if you are a pregnant or becoming a mom for the first time, these signs will make you laugh too.
So, sit back, relax and relish these signs which proves you are a first time mom.

1.  Even a slightest tinge in your preggo belly and you google about it for hours on the internet. Moreover your researching ability doesn't end here it continues after the baby as well.
2.  The vaccination schedule and medicine chart is adhered to like a holy book.
3.  You have more than the required items in the baby bag.
4.  You boil the bottles to the perfect temperature.
5.  You don't let anybody touch the baby before they go through proper hygiene checks laid by you.
6.  You have more than the required stock of diapers always at your disposal.
7.  You check quite often whether the baby is breathing.
8.  You dress the baby at least 4-5 times a day.
9.  Even going to the park for a quick walk means packing everything under the sun.
10. You  have to clean your phone memory every second month for the simple reason that you click every new move or action(which is like every time)  your baby does.
11.You follow the best parenting apps and blogs to get advice and to check whether your baby milestones are on track.
12. You message the pediatrician frequently to check unusual thing(according to you) noticed about the baby.
13. You celebrate your baby's birthday every month.
14. Your conversation with your friends revolve around the baby.
15. Your baby's room is filled with toys of all age groups. Since you are so over whelmed you end up buying a lot of toys which you like even though you don't need them currently.

Yes, I have done all these and I just can't stop giggling reading through these signs.

Have you done these too? Let me know what other things you have done, which aren't mentioned here but shows that you are a first time mom.

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