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Tips to enjoy your meal out with your toddler

Tips to enjoy your meal out with your toddler

Eating out can be a whole new experience when we have a toddler.  One of the many challenges which a new parent face is how to eat out with your toddler and enjoy  at the same time. The simple thing one could do would be to avoid going out for sometime till you feel your toddler is ready. But if planned properly with the tips mentioned below, your meal time out with your toddler can be pleasurable.
Prefer a less noisy place

Choosing the right place would solve more than half the problem. Prefer a place which is kid friendly and which doesn't play loud music. A nice trick would be to enter early when there are not many people in the restaurant.
Try and feed your toddler something at home before heading out

We can't expect a toddler to control his hunger so it's always better to feed them something before heading out so that till the time the order comes they won't get cranky. Also, it's better to carry a snack as it can be h…

DIY Sandpaper Letters

DIY Sandpaper Letters

An easy and cost effective way of making your own sandpaper letters at home.
Material required
1.Print out of both uppercase and lower case letters 2.Sandpaper 3.Chart paper(optional) 4.Glue/Fevicol(whatever is convenient for you) 5.Scissors 6.Paper cutter(to cut very small pieces which can't be done with a scissor) 7.Wooden/cardboard pieces(same size) 26 each for both Uppercase and Lower case letters.

Steps to be followed
1.Once the print out is taken, cut each letter.

2.Once you have cut all letters, stick them at the back side of the sandpaper sheet( A very importan

15 signs you are a first time mom!!

15 signs that shows you are a first time mom

I still remember the day when I first came to know about my pregnancy. I was at my mom's place at that time and knew that my periods have delayed but instead of taking the normal pregnancy test at home, I decided to get a blood test done to know for certain whether I was pregnant. I was not able to believe that it was POSITIVE as the moment I was waiting for so eagerly had finally come!!!
Being a first time mom is exciting and thrilling but at the same time it can be a little scary too. Now, started my roller coaster ride which I am sure every mom goes through in her first pregnancy. You start to learn everything about the baby growing inside you and about the beautiful miracle that pregnancy itself is.

Now when I look back and remember my good old pregnancy days, I have a good laugh of all the good, bad, stupid and sometimes over cynical things I did back then. I am sure all moms would relate to it in some form or the other and if you are …

10 things we can learn from our children

10 things we can learn from our kids

In my 4 years of parenting till date(adding the pregnancy period here as well, as come on don't the journey start from there itself? ), I have come to realize that parenting is not a one way signal where only the parents teach the kids but it's a two way road where we learn from our kids as well.
So, let us go straight to what these things are
1.How to enjoy the small things Yes!!! Sometimes we adults are so much focused on the bigger picture that we tend to ignore the smaller aspects of life. It could be enjoying a sunset or going for a walk with your kid or spouse or anyone whose company you enjoy or any other thing. Our kids teach us that these small things do matter to make the larger picture meaningful as they don't segregate things into small and large.
2.How to be carefree Mostly we mothers are always worried about something or the other. Kids on the other hand are known to be happy go lucky kinds as they don't think much about an…

Tips for Moms to help kids fight air pollution in Delhi

Tips for moms to help kids fight air pollution in Delhi
We all have been constantly seeing the news about how Delhi is surrounded by air pollution and how it is affecting the people there. Social media and news channels are flooded with this news and as a mother, it pains me to even think how mothers there are protecting their kids from such a calamity.
What is causing air pollution in Delhi?

·Crop burning by farmers in neighboring states such as Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. ·Traffic menace in Delhi is another reason for air pollution and smog. ·As we all know Delhi is over populated, it only adds to different kinds of pollution due to increase in number of vehicles. ·Large scale construction leads to increasing dust and pollution in the air. ·Garbage dumps and industrial pollution amounts to more polluted air. ·Burning fire crackers during Diwali inspite of the ban added to the buildup of smog.
Why are children more vulnerable to the toxic air?

·Studies have shown that a child's org…

Anniversary of Demonetisation : Views of a Commoner

Anniversary of Demonetisation : Views of a commoner

Demonetisation - A term which I had read in  my college days but got to know it in real sense only last year when our esteemed PM announced the ban of  500 and 1000 banknotes.

What followed after was a series of panic among the common people and a huge cash crunch which made matters worse. I was quite surprised when the announcement came as it came out of the blue, but wasn't really concerned so much about it as I normally do most of my transactions online. It was only few days later that I started facing problems which I didn't realize earlier.
1.First problem was giving the maid her salary as she wanted it in cash and she didn't have a bank account either. This meant standing in those serpentine queues of ATM and waiting for your turn which was painful(Yes those queues were real which we all have seen on the roads outside the banks and ATMs). 2.Second problem was exchanging the notes from the bank. Though we don't keep …