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Hola Amigos,

Do you also wonder like me that Motherhood changes a woman in more ways than one? Be it her appearance, thinking, attitude, viewpoint, priorities ETC ETC....
Everything before is centered more or less around you and your better half. Right???
But after having a baby, I realized life is no more about me and my wishes and desires or what I want to do or don't want to do BUT it's all about MY BABY.
One such change which has happened after my baby is the contents of my bag. That's what we are going to talk about in this post.

Here, I am going to list down 3 different timelines(pre baby, post baby and current situation since Miss K is little older now) of what my bag consists in each of these scenarios.

Before Miss K was born, my bag had the basic things which I required at that time. Also, the size of the bag was not a concern at this time as only my things had to be kept in it. So, I purchased any handbag which I liked irrespective of the size.

Source : unknown

 Here's the contents of my bag before Miss K.   
2.Portable Mobile charger(not always)
4.Small diary
5.Lip balm
6.Hair Brush

After Miss K was born, I was actually not using my bag for sometime as I had to carry her bag with me always. So, the situation was I used to tuck in my things into her bag itself to avoid carrying two bags. As I had mentioned earlier after baby you try to adjust yourself around the baby's needs. 

Source : aliexpress


Here's what my typical baby bag consisted of after Miss K was born.
2.Diaper changing mat
3.Baby wipes
4.Disposable bags
5.Powder puff box
6.Baby Lotion
7.Extra pair of clothes
14.Baby swaddle cloth
15. Sanitizer
16.My Wallet
This was my bag until Miss K was 1.5-2 years with a few additions and subtractions here and there.

Now, that Miss K is 3.5 years, I am back to using my hand bag but with a lot of her things as well in it. I prefer using little bigger hand bags now so that both our things can be easily adjusted in it. 

Source: unknown

Here's what the contents of my bag now.
2.Cards pouch( this typically contains a lot of the game zone cards of different malls off course alongside my shopping cards)
3.Hair Brush
4.Lip balm
6.Small diary
8.Hand Sanitizer

Now, its Miss K's turn
1.Extra pair of clothes( I always carry it so that its handy in case of any mishaps)
2.Her comb
3.Extra pair of clips and bands
6.Some snack( very helpful when you are out for long).

This list changes a bit here and there as there are times when I do not carry any of her stuffs altogether when we are just going out for sometime and sometimes I just take one or two stuffs which I need at that time and be done with.

These were the list of things in my handbag which has changed over a period of time.I guess more or less I have included everything what all my bag consisted of in the three scenarios mentioned above.Do, let me know how has the contents of your bag changed overtime and whether you could relate to the situations mentioned here. I would love to know your thoughts on the same.

This is me signing off now.

Au Revoir


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