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Hola Amigos,
Do you also wonder like me that Motherhood changes a woman in more ways than one? Be it her appearance, thinking, attitude, viewpoint, priorities ETC ETC.... Everything before is centered more or less around you and your better half. Right??? But after having a baby, I realized life is no more about me and my wishes and desires or what I want to do or don't want to do BUT it's all about MY BABY. One such change which has happened after my baby is the contents of my bag. That's what we are going to talk about in this post.
Here, I am going to list down 3 different timelines(pre baby, post baby and current situation since Miss K is little older now) of what my bag consists in each of these scenarios.
TIMELINE I Before Miss K was born, my bag had the basic things which I required at that time. Also, the size of the bag was not a concern at this time as only my things had to be kept in it. So, I purchased any handbag which I liked irrespective of the s…

THINKING OF GETTING A TATTOO? 5 Things to keep in mind

THINKING OF GETTING A TATTOO? 5 Things to keep in mind
Since a few years,I had a fetish of getting a tattoo done for myself. But I used to just procrastinate it thinking about the normal things which any person in my situation would think of...(isn't it crazy, will my in laws approve of it, will it pain etc etc). But one fine day, I did overcome all my fears and notions and got a tattoo done for myself.
If you are thinking of getting a permanent tattoo done too, you could keep these few things in mind which helped me tremendously.
Tattoos are like your birthmarks which will stay till you die( off course there are laser treatments today to remove the tattoo but who would want to go through that process), so choose one which you can carry for the rest of your life.Every tattoo has a significance. I didn't knew it until the person who did my tattoo told me this. Try to ink something which reflects you in the true sense.Try to get your tattoo done from a renowned person in the field w…