Thursday, 28 September 2017

About Mommiepedia

Miss K and Mommie

Hola Amigos,

Of all the roles I played be it of a daughter, a grand daughter, an elder sister,a friend, a wife,a daughter in law and now a Mom, the role that I enjoy playing the most is that of a  MOTHER.

So, who am I?

 I am an ex finance professional who had her share of the corporate world before the marriage ritual caught me and I had to shift from Hyderabad to Pune. Now, after donning the role of a mother, I have started seeing world from a very different perspective and have found new purpose in life.

Who is Miss K?

She is my beautiful 3.5 years old daughter who is the reason I started this blog.

Why Mommiepedia?

So, when I decided to start a blog, there were many names which were coming to my mind but none of them were actually striking a cord with me and I was constantly searching for a unique name for my blog which resonates with what I am - A Mommie. So, after lots and lots of brain storming , I finally decided on the name of my blog - MOMMIEPEDIA - An Encyclopedia of a Mom

What can you expect here?

Here you can except my personal experiences related to parenting, motherhood, parenting hacks, early learning.There will be DIY which I do for my daughter. A corner dedicated to myself where I pen down my thoughts about certain things or something which I did for myself.

So, hope to see you guys around.

Its me signing off now.

Au Revoir