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About Mommiepedia

Miss K and Mommie

Hola Amigos,

Of all the roles I played be it of a daughter, a grand daughter, an elder sister,a friend, a wife,a daughter in law and now a Mom, the role that I enjoy playing the most is that of a  MOTHER.

So, who am I?

 I am an ex finance professional who had her share of the corporate world before the marriage ritual caught me and I had to shift from Hyderabad to Pune. Now, after donning the role of a mother, I have started seeing world from a very different perspective and have found new purpose in life.

Who is Miss K?

She is my beautiful 3.5 years old daughter who is the reason I started this blog.

Why Mommiepedia?

So, when I decided to start a blog, there were many names which were coming to my mind but none of them were actually striking a cord with me and I was constantly searching for a unique name for my blog which resonates with what I am - A Mommie. So, after lots and lots of brain storming , I finally decided on the name of my blog - MOMMIEPEDIA - An Encyclopedia of a Mom

What can you expect here?

Here you can except my personal experiences related to parenting, motherhood, parenting hacks, early learning.There will be DIY which I do for my daughter. A corner dedicated to myself where I pen down my thoughts about certain things or something which I did for myself.

So, hope to see you guys around.

Its me signing off now.

Au Revoir


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Janamashtami(Krishna) themed activities for Kids.

Janamashtami(Krishna) themed activities for kids.

Janamashtami - the day when Lord Krishna was born is just round the corner so we did few art and craft activities around it.
1.Krishna story To start with we read a book on Krishna from the Amar Chitra Katha series.

2.Making Peacock Feathers As we all know that Lord Krishna loves peacock feathers hence we made our own with craft paper. We also used the same for decorating our other craft items.

3.Decorating Handi/Matki Lord Krishna loved eating maakhan(butter) which was stored in a pot(Matki).

4.Decorating Bansuri/Flute Krishna is synonymous with playing the flute(Bansuri).

5.Making Crown Lord Krishna's prominent jewellery is a crown with peacock feathers on it.

6.Decorating Thali We made these using glitter foam sheets and stuck it on an old cd. The same can be kept on the Thali for doing pooja.

Alphabet recognition & sequencing activities for toddler and preschoolers

Simple activities on alphabet recognition & sequencing for toddler and preschoolers

While revising alphabets I realised that K was finding it difficult to revise alphabets as per their sequence. Hence decided to quickly plan few activities for her around it.
1    Upper case to lower case matching

A simple activity where I wrote some random upper case letters on white paper and pasted it on the cupboard. For matching, I wrote their lower case counterpart on post its and K had to match them. Looks a very simple activity but I can tell you K had lots of fun removing the post its and sticking it near the correct letter.
Alphabet sequencing on clothes line

For sequencing, I made chits for each alphabet which mentions both upper and lower case alphabets. K had to clip them as per the correct sequence on the clothes line. I tied a thick needle between two chairs which made it look like a clothes line. Again here, the activity was looking simple but when K started doing it I realised it w…

Activities on learning the ABC for toddlers

Learning the ABC

These are few initial activities I had done with K.They are ideal for toddlers and requires very little preparation. These activities are ideal for kids who are just starting with learning the alphabets.
1.Tracing the alphabets on a sand tray
Let your child first practise the pattern on the sand paper letters. These sandpaper letters are made by me
at home. For details on how to make one for yourself, here is the detail blog on the same.

2.Making alphabets using clay

3.Recognising the correct alphabet using wooden pegs

4.Upper to lower case matching using wooden pegs

5.Cutting activity

6.Placing the correct alphabets