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Which category of Mom are you???

My answer to this question will be towards the end of this post...
Well in my journey from being a young girl to a woman and now a mother, I feel I have come across different kinds of mothers who are all there and good at what they are doing.  So, here I took this liberty of categorizing mommies(including me) as per my whims and fancies. This is just my version of what I feel different kinds of moms are and you have all the rights to differ.
So here they are

So my traditional mom is very simple and normal. She is the one who has never thought about herself and has always placed her family before anything. Her world is her husband and children and that is what matters to her because right from her childhood she was taught that she would have to get married and bear children and that is what is expected from her. So this is my version of traditional mom who is more or less our 19th century mom.


Now a contrast to the traditional mom is my tech savvy mom who …

About Mommiepedia

Hola Amigos,

Of all the roles I played be it of a daughter, a grand daughter, an elder sister,a friend, a wife,a daughter in law and now a Mom, the role that I enjoy playing the most is that of a  MOTHER.

So, who am I?

 I am an ex finance professional who had her share of the corporate world before the marriage ritual caught me and I had to shift from Hyderabad to Pune. Now, after donning the role of a mother, I have started seeing world from a very different perspective and have found new purpose in life.

Who is Miss K?

She is my beautiful 3.5 years old daughter who is the reason I started this blog.

Why Mommiepedia?

So, when I decided to start a blog, there were many names which were coming to my mind but none of them were actually striking a cord with me and I was constantly searching for a unique name for my blog which resonates with what I am - A Mommie. So, after lots and lots of brain storming , I finally decided on the name of my blog - MOMMIEPEDIA - An Encyclopedia of a Mom

What can…